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Message from CEO

I am delighted to introduce you to the American European Community Association (AECA) which I joined as CEO in 2012. AECA is an exclusive and confidentialplatform for dialogue and is since its very beginning supported by most of the prominent business leaders and policy-makers of their generation. This is evidenced by the Board of Directors, our International Advisory Council and speakers that have honoured AECA with their presence. They all have in common their strong belief that a continuous dialogue on the important issues that face society is the basis for sound decision-making. We count amongst our members senior representatives from leading international companies of all sectors and from the policy-making arena and academic institutions, who make excellent dialogue partners for our speakers. It is therefore not surprising that AECA continues to attract the very highest level speakers to its meetings to discuss the issues of the day. Having started its existence with a strong EU/USA focus, our discussions have naturally progressed to include other major trading partners for the EU/USA, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. I hope you enjoy exploring the AECA website, and I look forward to welcoming you to one of our future meetings.

Eric ter Hark, Chief Executive Officer


AECA is dedicated to promoting and facilitating dialogue and cooperation within Europe, and between North America and Europe, by providing a dynamic forum and an international network for interaction between leaders from the business and official communities, and by initiating lively and informed debate on key political, economic and social issues. AECA encourages the advancement of opportunities in the global community. The AECA network is extensive, international and interactive. In recent years the association has continued to attract new members, who find that the quality debates on key issues with speakers who are leaders in their field, and the access to high-level networking opportunities, add real value for them and their companies/organisations. All activities are prepared and organised according to the high-quality standards which are a recognised feature of AECA.

Jean-Claude Juncker,  President of the European Commission “The relationship between the European Union and the United States provides political stability and economic progress. A continuous debate between the two partners, to safeguard this partnership, is of critical importance to the interest of our citizens and the global community. AECA provides a unique platform for such debate. I therefore welcome and strongly support the work of AECA.”

H.E. Anthony L. Gardner, Ambassador of the United States to the European Union “Both in my capacity as a U.S. official and having lived many years as a private American citizen in Europe, I know first-hand the important role AECA plays in advancing transatlantic relations. By bringing together Americans and Europeans from different backgrounds and fields of expertise, you build bridges between our continents and further understanding between the peoples of the United States and Europe.”